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There are a number of general texts that serve as guides to “doing” social science research.



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General Resources @ Wesleyan

The Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) is a cross-disciplinary, collaborative effort that promotes further use of quantitative analysis across the curriculum. Providing support for statistical analysis software use (including but not limited to the programs STATA, SPSS, and SAS), it’s an invaluable resource for government students interested in using hard quantitative data to promote an argument.

For more information, refer to their website at:

For undergraduates with a summer or more to spare, check out their apprenticeship program at:

The QAC is also represented academically in the classes QAC-201, SOC-257, GOVT-201, and PSYC-280 (which are all the same thing, really).


GOVT-358: Capstone Thesis Seminar

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor Required.


Prof. Michael B. Nelson, Assistant Professor of Government, PAC 417,

Prof. Douglas C. Foyle, Associate Professor of Government, PAC 307,