Opportunities for Undergraduate Publishing @ Monmouth College

The Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research is published at Monmouth College:

“Founded in 2010, the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research (MJUR) is a peer- and faculty- reviewed journal produced by a team of Monmouth College student editors and faculty mentors. Scholars from a variety of colleges and universities contribute to the manuscript review process. Our mission is to support development of high-quality original undergraduate research, recognize exceptional undergraduate scholarly efforts and accomplishments, and contribute to the undergraduate learning experience. MJUR accepts submissions from all academic fields and from any undergraduate institution, national or international. New volumes of MJUR are published annually in print and online.”

Academic Conferences

Although most academic conferences are dominated by graduate students and faculty, occasionally undergraduate papers are presented, especially when the result of a major research project.

In Illinois and the Midwest, good opportunities, include:

Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science

The Midwest Political Science Association’s annual conference

Other Opportunities

It is not often, but occasionally a senior thesis may be published as a book.  A list of current publishers of political science texts has been made available by Michael Baranowski (via Monkey Cage).

updated July 14, 2017 – MN